Industry Projects


The new tunnel lighting has been prepared in close collaboration between Gladsaxe Municipality, Furesø and Copenhagen Municipality as well as Aalborg University and ÅF Lighting and has been created on the basis of funding from the Farumruten municipalities, the Road Directorate and the Capital Region.

Sjølund A/S has delivered the entire ring in which the LED strip is mounted. The task includes rolling, machining, welding and surface treatment.


Sjølund supplies fully bent, rolled and machined components to the leading manufacturers of agricultural machinery. We have experience with all common types of steel as well as aluminium. Over the years, Sjølund has built up good know-how around optimizing the bending processes, so that we can offer a finished product with a minimum of welding with improved quality.


Sjølund A/S total supplier for Adolph Tidemands Bro in Norway

The company responsible for the construction of the Adolph Tidemands Bridge in Mandal, Norway, had been searching for a supplier who could lift and solve the task for over a year before they found Sjølund A/S. Sjølund A/S has subsequently solved the task as a total supplier, which means that we have been responsible for all coverings for the bridge covering – purchasing, processing, painting, project management and logistics. Throughout the project, there has been good cooperation between the architects and Sjølund A/S, to make drawings become reality. The Adolph Tidemand Bridge was completed and ready for use in April 2013.


Sjølund supplies rolled aluminum profiles for CT scanners and X-ray equipment to leading manufacturers in Europe. There are particularly high requirements for precision, which is achieved through high-precision rolling and machining. Subsequently, the items are surface treated and delivered to the customer for final assembly.


Sjølund has many years of experience in manufacturing finished rolled and machined profiles in aluminum and stainless steel for leading European manufacturers of swing doors. Our dedicated assembly team delivers finished partially assembled items/components that are sent directly to the construction site for final assembly.


Cable cars and lifts provide fast and comfortable transport at winter and summer sports venues as well as mountainous areas. Sjølund supplies rolled steel and aluminum profiles to European manufacturers of cable cars and ski lifts.