Quality, Health, Safety & Environment


We will manufacture items with the greatest possible accuracy and surface quality, at the agreed time and at the same time to ensure a constant optimization of production methods and handling.

Through high customer satisfaction and loyalty, as well as the constant development of methods and techniques, Sjølund will be the world’s best system supplier for profile bending projects. Sjølund has enormous experience in bending and machining thanks to our employees. We, therefore, have the knowledge needed to solve all kinds of tasks within the bending of aluminum and steel profiles. This also contributes to the fact that we can and will deliver bent profiles of unsurpassed quality. This experience is also a key point in our development and growth within quality-conscious processing and welding.

In order to live up to and fulfill our goal of delivering unsurpassed quality, we have to carefully select our subcontractors and business partners. With permanent sub-suppliers, we engage in close cooperation regarding the development and optimization of the processes both at the supplier and at the interface.

At Sjølund, professionalism and quality are absolute keywords, and this attitude has given rise to a set of rules of conduct:


  • We guarantee our work 100%.
  • We take pride in being the best in the industry.
  • We never compromise on quality or work effort.
  • We take our work seriously, but not ourselves.
  • We have room for original and unconventional thoughts.

Health & Safety

In order to be able to live up to Sjølund overall vision and mission, it is necessary to have and be able to retain skilled, satisfied, motivated, and safe employees.

A safe and secure working environment is a high priority at Sjølund, and a working environment policy with an area of validity for the whole of Sjølund will therefore be specified in the following. The working environment policy is divided into two main parts, safety and working environment, and health and well-being.

With this working environment policy, Sjølund declares its commitment to comply with applicable legal requirements, carry out continuous improvement of working environment performance and working environment management, as well as continuous prevention of injuries and work-related illnesses.


Sjølund will not only be a leader in bending but will also be a pioneering company in green thinking and the reduction of environmental impacts. We have the deepest respect for our environment, just as we do for our craftsmanship.

We will challenge ourselves and the thinking behind the methods and techniques we use today. We demand the most environmentally friendly raw materials and materials and aim to reduce the amount of packaging on both incoming and outgoing goods. Sjølund will be an open company that is in dialogue with the outside world about our active environmental initiatives, and our mission to take care of our shared environment – also in a global perspective. These results cannot be achieved alone but require shared responsibility and commitment at Sjølund. All employees will therefore be involved in environmental activities through education, training, and information, thereby becoming able to exercise a motivated and ever-increasing environmental awareness.

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Quality doesn’t only begin with the letter “Q”, It must be followed by “U”.

Johann Nicolaisen

Quality Assurance