Sjølund is a supplier to customers of a wide variety of bended and fabricated products for industrial applications. Together with our customers, we design solutions for specific demands and projects.

 We are capable to supply customers with a recurring need, as well as one-of-a-kind and unique products.

 Sjølund supplies different industries with different solutions.

Health care

Sjølund supplies aluminum profiles for CT scanners and X-ray equipment to leading manufacturers worldwide.

For this type of work, there are very high demands on precision, which is achieved through a very high precision in the manufacturing process.

Subsequently, the products are surface treated and delivered for final assembly to the customer.

Agricultural machinery

Sjølund supplies finished and machined components to leading manufacturers of agricultural industry.

We have experience with all common steel qualities as well as aluminum.

Over the years, Sjølund has built up a great Know-how when it comes to optimizing processes so that we can offer a finished product to our customers.

Cable cars

Cable cars and lifts ensure fast and comfortable transport at both summer and winter sports venues, as well as in mountain areas. Sjølund supplies steel and aluminum profiles to European manufacturers of cable cars and ski lifts.

Sorting Components

Sjølund supplies components to manufacturers of internal logistics systems, sorting equipment, and baggage handling services for logistic companies but also for airports.

Sjølund – Curved Components Whitepaper

Read and download our whitepaper here to explore how Sjoelund’s cutting-edge roll bending machining can redefine your processes for conveyor systems.


Sjølund – Medical Components

Read and download our whitepaper here and learn why our curved aluminum profiles are trusted by top manufacturers globally for CT scanners and X-ray equipment.


-Creating one of a kind and unique products

Curved components for special applications.

Johannes Kammer

Export Sales Director